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    About us

    MammaItalia is a food-tech startup whose main goal is to enhance and promote Italian food abroad by spreading the gastronomic culture of our country and at the same time counteracting the Italian sounding phenomenon.

    How do we reach our goals?

    We provide state-of-the-art technological tools, skills and updated information to producers, retailers and consumers of Italian agri-food products abroad to promote, distribute and find them.


    MammaItalia is an app that geolocates the Italian food product shops around you when you are abroad.

    The first Google Maps of Italian food! 


    A highly defined sales channel. The sellers are Italian food companies with niche products, the buyers are Italian food lovers in the European Union.


    We started our journey by creating a community on social media (Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin) mainly made up of Italian expat abroad, that today counts over 30.000 Italian food lovers worldwide

    Do you have a shop that sells Italian food abroad?

    Are you interested in being found via the app and promoting your shop?

    Are you an agri-food producer?

    Do you want to sell more abroad with the marketplace, your e-commerce or multiple stores?

    Do you want to promote a Made in Italy brand abroad?

    Use our community and our solid communication, marketing and distribution skills


    she knows better.

    Are you an Italian food shop owner?

    MammaItalia invites you to be part of the first Italian food shop network worldwide.

    Your most loyal customers will get in touch with you and order their food shopping through the MammaItalia App, while new customers will find you as easily as never before.

    We will provide you with a platform where you can enter the Italian food products you sell and allow your customers to order and / or purchase their groceries directly online.

    It will be up to your customers then to choose whether to collect them from your store or receive it at home, based on your availability.

    By joining the MammaItalia network, new potential customers will easily find your stores and reach them!

    By being part of the MammaItalia food shop network, you will also have access to an inventory of products from local, regional and most typical Italian agri-food companies. You can get in touch with them without third party intermediaries and buy directly.

    Are you an Italian food producer?

    MammaItalia knows the value of your products and provides a 360 support with two different options:

    You will have a sales channel on our marketplace where hundreds of Italian food lovers in Europe shop our meticulously chosen products. Joining the marketplace does not involve any fixed costs but only variable ones.

    Do you want to join our network of stores abroad? You can add some of your references in the list of products that we offer to our partners abroad every day.

    More than 1400 Italian companies and about 7000 products promoted abroad


    Are you an economic operator interested in promoting typical Italian brands and products abroad?

    Whether you are a producer, a shop owner, an Italian consortium or a foreign institution, MammaItalia knows your mission.

    Choose our advertising solutions. We will create content, animated videos and social posts for you to share with the whole community. Choose the area of your audience and the language you want to communicate with, we will be happy to provide a free quote.

    Whether the goal is traffic to your website, to your e-commerce, to your point of sale or simply to make yourself known abroad, we will support you! Increase your audience, make yourself visible to your future customers.


    Many international, national and regional newspapers have told our story: defending and promoting the export of Made in Italy delicacies is in everyone’s interest!

    The team

    Five young professionals “marked” by the experience of nostalgia for our country (and its flavors) during past or current work experiences abroad.

    Gaetano Biondo


    Caterina Diglio


    Luca Marmo


    Ivano Rotondo

    CEO / CTO

    Claudio Vitale